April 29, 2014

Missing TOU (Terms Of Use) document from my Organized Mess Freebie and THANK YOU

First, I want to say THANK YOU to everyone who has left me such caring, heartfelt  and positive comments.  It's sometimes difficult to stay upbeat about anything while struggling with the physical limitations of paralysis since suffering a CVA (aka stroke) so, hearing from you kind people is a boost to my moral and helps me to want to keep trying!

Second, I realized a bit late that I had forgotten to include a TOU (Terms Of Use) file with my recent 'Organized Mess' Freebie.  So, I've updated the individual download files to include it.  For those who've already downloaded the kit, here's a link to download the TOU only: RThorn_OrganizedMess_TOU.

Thanks again for your support!

April 3, 2014

Digital Scrapbook Designer Challenge and Freebie

I found an awesome Digital Scrapbook site (PixelScrapper) that, among other things, has frequent designer challenges... just what I needed to get back into designing digital scrapbook products.  I had forgotten quite a lot during my absence after my stroke and I have to say, everything takes longer now that I have only one functioning arm and hand; keyboard shortcuts are nearly impossible (I now have to use an On-Screen Keyboard).

Anyway, onto the freebie...  I created the following while participating in the March mini, designer challenge at Pixel Scrapper  - I'm not thrilled with my results but really love how one of my frame elements turned out and I rather like my alpa set.  This alpha is what I had been working on when I had my stoke last July.  It wws nice to be able to finish it!  I am planning to release custom shapes of this set in the future that will be for CU (Commercial Use);however, this set in this 'Organized Mess' kit freebie is NOT for CU, this one is PU, S4O,& S4H   ONLY.



ORGANIZED MESS Elements Preview:


          -the ALPHA ONLY, click here.
          -the ELEMENTS ONLY, click here
          -the PAPERS ONLY, click here
          -the ENTIRE KIT/COLLECTION, click here