October 31, 2013

Retired From Digital Scrapbook Designing

I am officially retiring from digital scrapbook design as I am now disabled from a stroke that I had this past July.  Although I have finally returned to my home after 4 months of rehabilitation, it's going to take much of my time and all of my energy (keeping me quite fatigued) to learn how to adapt to my new life as a hemiplegic.

My blog freebies will remain available for as long as possible.

Thank you to everyone who sent me good wishes and get well messages while I've been absent!  They were very much appreciated.

August 11, 2013

Sorry For My Absence

I know that I had previously indicated that I would have anew designer Resourcealpha set and a contribution to the August 1,2013 DigiScrapForum's BlogTrain but... Life doesn't always go as planned.  I've been hospitalized since July16,2013 and have very limited capabilities now an for awhile longer.

July 5, 2013

Personal Digital Scrapbook Pages

Tiffany of Inspired by Dominic Designs has a cute, super-hero styled kit recently released at her Scrapbook-Bytes store, and available for purchase in her store, called 'Super Kid' (learn more about it on her blog) and I found it worked well for me to finally scrap the few photos I had of my youngest son during his super hero imitating phase.

I had fun creating these and remembering how cute and fun he was at that young age (he's 20 now, still funny at times and good looking but, well, you mom's out there know what I mean, it's not the same as when they're so young and innocent).

This 1st scrapbook page, which I call 'Improvisation', is of my son in his spider man pajamas and a disguise of his own making.  The red contraption on his head came from the inside of a hard plastic, sports themed, helmet and the shiny glasses were probably a toy from a children's meal (from one of the well known hamburger, fast food, places) minus the lenses.  I used the Super Kid Bundle to create this page.

This 2nd scrapbook page, which I call 'I'm Not Scared', shows 2 photos of my youngest, dressed up as his favorite character at that age, Pajama Sam (from a computer game by Humongous Entertainment).  Everything in this layout was created with items that come in the base 'Super Kid' kit; however, I should note that I hand drew the 'Pajama Sam' lettering using the pen tool in Adobe's Photoshop CS5 - they were then decorated using papers from the base kit.

Well, that's it for today.

Coming up:  I'm working on another set of Vintage Letters so that will be coming up in the near future and I'll be using those letters to create an alpha set for the August Blog Train being hosted by DigiScrap Forum, so be sure to stop by again after the 1st of the month. 

June 27, 2013

FREEBIE - Enjoy, Mini Digi Scrapbook Kit

I didn't think I'd get this finished in time as I've been ill with a virus (blah) and my desire to design (or, for that matter, to do anything else) has been pretty much nil; however, I managed after all... as I mentioned in my previous post, I'm back with another mini kit, designed for Kim Broedelet's June, 2013, Color Challenge at the ScrapMatters forum (be sure to go check out the forum for other contributions before the links expire; all together they'll make a great full-sized kit).

Here's my mini kit; it's called 'Enjoy'.

Download 'Enjoy' from either of the following sites (NOTE, the .ZIP file is about 37 MB):
MediaFire.com - Download HERE
Box.com - Download HERE

If you have time to leave a comment, I'd love to know what you think.

Happy Scrapping!

June 20, 2013

Personal Scrapping, Photo Layouts and Templates

Personal Scrapping

I've been wanting to get back to doing some more of my own, photo scrapping and never seem to get to it, finding myself doing other, design sort-of-things instead.  So, to help me get back on track for my personal scrapping, I decided I'd apply for a position on a CT (Creative Team).

The tricky part - finding someone who both:
  • (A) designs quality products and
  • (B) is accepting new CT members
That's when I noticed that Inspired by Dominic Designs was looking to add scrappers to her team and, what do you know, Tiffany accepted my application to join (insert smiles here)!

So, in between my designing and offering freebies here, I'll also be displaying the layouts I make, both with the kits of Inspired by Dominic and with others.

Photo Layouts

Here are the 1st two photo layouts I've created in conjunction with being on the CT of Inspired by Dominic Designs.  I used the 'Summer Play Bundle' to create these.

Summer Fun (my son having fun).

Summer of '42 (My mother on the lake shore).


I don't use templates to create my layouts, they are my own designs (with relation to the arrangement of elements, papers and photos) but I know there are a lot of people who like and use templates for their layout creations.  So, if you use templates and would like to have one to mimic one of my layout arrangements, send me an email (my contact information can be found by viewing my 'complete profile') and I'll do my best at creating one for you.

Coming up

Well, that's it for today but I'm hoping to design a mini kit before the end of this month to contribute to KimB's June color challenge at the Scrap Matters forums this month.  After that, I'll be working on a contribution to the DigiScrap Forum Blog Train coming up in August.  It's going to be a boy themed one. Yeah!

Thanks for stopping by.

June 13, 2013

Digital Scrapbook Kit FREEBIE by request - Buzzy Little Bee (2nd Edition)

Back in May, I received some nice comments about my free kit, Bejeweled, and the coordinating Bejeweled Glittery Alpha Sets (thank you to everyone who took the time to comment).  One comment (by 'amohja') also mentioned the desire for me to bring back my 'Buzzy Little Bee' kit, so I thought I'd do just that.  Well, sort of... it's back with more. :)

If you followed my previous blog, then you may remember that my 'Buzzy Little Bee' kit was originally created for a challenge/contest back in October of 2012 hosted by Scrapping Fairytales.  You can view the first version of Buzzy Little Bee HERE, in the Scrapping Fairytales archived galleries.

Since I found the original color palette (given by the contest host) to be a bit dark and limiting, I decided to brighten things up a bit by adding a few more colors to the palette and creating additional (and more colorful) papers (6) and elements (4).

I hope that there will be others besides 'amohja' who will find this kit useful.

Download 'Buzzy Little Bee' 2nd Edition HERE - the .ZIP file is about 57.4 MB.

! ! ! - NOTE - ! ! !
The 'BUZZY LITTLE BEE' 2nd Edition, digital scrapbook kit is a Rose Thorn original. :)
The paper patterns and all elements were, hand-drawn, assembled from basic shapes or scanned and extracted by me, Rose Thorn.  With the exception of the stitching* on the straight ribbon, no CU (commercial use) products were used in this kit's creation.
*The ribbon stitching was created with the aid of Photoshop brushes and styles by '...Inspirations'.

Thanks for stopping by today!

June 1, 2013

FREEBIE - DigiScrap Forum June 2013 Blog Train

Yippee; it's time for another Blog Train hosted by DigiScrap Forum!

I am stop number 9.

The stop before me is Marisa Lerin and your next stop is at the blog of Keep In Touch Designs.

For a complete list of participants and the links to their blogs (as well as previews of their contributions) click THIS LINK - this will take you to the June 2013 Blog Train thread at the DigiScrap Forum.

Download 'My Sweetie' mini HERE - the .ZIP file is about 22 MB.

Thanks for stopping by; enjoy!

May 28, 2013

FREEBIE - Pretty Pastels, Mini Digi Scrapbook Kit

I participated in KimB's Color Challenge for May 2013 over at the Scrap Matters forums; Kim had such a pretty color palette this month that I just couldn't resist.

So, today I have a FREEBIE, mini, digital scrapbook, kit called 'Pretty Pastels'.

Download Pretty Pastels - this file is approximately 38 MB.

That's all for today but come on by again on the 1st of June - I'll be participating in the DigiScrap Forum Blog Train and will have another FREEBIE for you.

May 9, 2013

FREEBIE - Vector RV Camper Shape - Designer Resource

I noticed that someone was searching for this sort of thing on the DigiShopTalk forums today and since I had one in my collection from a past project, I thought I'd make it available as a FREEBIE today.

Today's FREEBIE is a Designer Resource - a vector, RV/Camper shape (template).

The download contains:
  • 1 .CSH file
  • .SVG file
  • 1 .PNG file
In my preview, you can see how I used the shape to create a digital scrapbook, element (clipart image).

Download the RV/Camper Shape - this download is approx. 209KB. 

Create something new for yourself!  And, if you're able and wish to share your designs, send me the link, I'd love to see it.

Thanks for stopping by.

May 6, 2013

FREEBIE - Vintage Letters 1 - Designer Resource

Well, I said I'd be back in the 'next few days', I guess 6 days can still be considered a 'few'. :)

Today's FREEBIE is a Designer Resource - a collection of Vintage Letters which I drew by hand (so they are not perfectly balanced) using the pen tool in Adobe Photoshop CS5 (inspired by an 1889, French embroidery, publication).

The 'Vintage Letter 1' collection consists of 4 sets of alphabets (A through Z, upper-case only) which coordinate with one another.

The download contains:
  • 1 .CSH file
  • 4 .SVG files
  • 108 .PNG files
Use as templates to create something new*!

Vintage Letters 1 - A Designer Resource Tool by Rose Thorn
Download the Vintage Letters 1 - this download is approximately 4.8 MB.
7th of May, 2013 - Edited to add:  I received word that the download link was not working correctly; it has now been corrected.

*I used these to create my 'Bejeweled Alpha Set' shown in my earlier blog post.

Thanks for stopping by!

If you have the time, leave me a comment and let me know what you think of my freebie. :)

April 30, 2013

New Blog - FREE Digital Scrapbook Kit and Alphabet

This blog will be replacing my older, digital scrapbooking blog (http://ladyofthethorns.blogspot.com/).  Over time I will be reviewing the inventory of digital products I have there and will retire most of them but some will be 'recycled' with download links provided here.

Today, I have 2 free, digital scrapbook product, downloads for you.  These are for PU/S4O/S4H purposes.

First up is my 'Bejeweled' kit.  This is a 'recycled' kit from my previous blog; it was originally released as part of a Blog Train called 'A Royal Wedding'.  This one has a number of new background images (3600x3600px .jpg files) and two new elements (.png files).
Download the 'Bejeweled' kit. - This download is approximately 65MB.

The 2nd download is my 'Bejeweled Alpha' - 2 alphabet sets (upper case A to Z only in .PNG file format) decorated to coordinate with my 'Bejeweled' digital scrapbook kit.

This these alphabet sets were hand drawn by me inspired by a French embroidery design from the 1800's.

Download the 'Bejeweled Alpha'. - This download is approximately 45MB.

I hope you'll find these useful in creating  something fun for yourself.

I will be back in the next few days to offer the alphabet sets to you as designer resources (file formats of .csh and .png) so you can decorate them in your own style.

If you have time to leave a comment, I'd love to know what you think of my products. . . Thanks for stopping by!