July 5, 2013

Personal Digital Scrapbook Pages

Tiffany of Inspired by Dominic Designs has a cute, super-hero styled kit recently released at her Scrapbook-Bytes store, and available for purchase in her store, called 'Super Kid' (learn more about it on her blog) and I found it worked well for me to finally scrap the few photos I had of my youngest son during his super hero imitating phase.

I had fun creating these and remembering how cute and fun he was at that young age (he's 20 now, still funny at times and good looking but, well, you mom's out there know what I mean, it's not the same as when they're so young and innocent).

This 1st scrapbook page, which I call 'Improvisation', is of my son in his spider man pajamas and a disguise of his own making.  The red contraption on his head came from the inside of a hard plastic, sports themed, helmet and the shiny glasses were probably a toy from a children's meal (from one of the well known hamburger, fast food, places) minus the lenses.  I used the Super Kid Bundle to create this page.

This 2nd scrapbook page, which I call 'I'm Not Scared', shows 2 photos of my youngest, dressed up as his favorite character at that age, Pajama Sam (from a computer game by Humongous Entertainment).  Everything in this layout was created with items that come in the base 'Super Kid' kit; however, I should note that I hand drew the 'Pajama Sam' lettering using the pen tool in Adobe's Photoshop CS5 - they were then decorated using papers from the base kit.

Well, that's it for today.

Coming up:  I'm working on another set of Vintage Letters so that will be coming up in the near future and I'll be using those letters to create an alpha set for the August Blog Train being hosted by DigiScrap Forum, so be sure to stop by again after the 1st of the month. 

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