June 2, 2017

My Designs at Pixel Scrappers

I've no idea if I have any digital scrapbooking fans out there, or, if I do, whether or not they still visit this blog of mine, since I've neglected it for so long. So this post is for purposes of informing all who care, that I have a new digital scrapbooking "home", where I spend a great deal of time and have started uploading some of my designs (free for registered members - earn download credits daily by becoming an active member). That place is Pixel Scrappers . I am currently a level 1 designer for their "commons" section ( learn more here). I really connected with this site after reading their manifesto (explaining their views on the sharing of art and creativity). You can read their manifesto here.

I hope to see some new "faces" at Pixel Scrapper...please consider stopping by there to look things over and maybe become a member. You'll find lots of friendly assistance and a number of informative tutorials in the forums there; as well as various challenges (both, page challenges for the scrappers, and, designer challenges, should you care to learn and try creating some of your own designs) - and monthly blog trains too.