April 3, 2014

Digital Scrapbook Designer Challenge and Freebie

I found an awesome Digital Scrapbook site (PixelScrapper) that, among other things, has frequent designer challenges... just what I needed to get back into designing digital scrapbook products.  I had forgotten quite a lot during my absence after my stroke and I have to say, everything takes longer now that I have only one functioning arm and hand; keyboard shortcuts are nearly impossible (I now have to use an On-Screen Keyboard).

Anyway, onto the freebie...  I created the following while participating in the March mini, designer challenge at Pixel Scrapper  - I'm not thrilled with my results but really love how one of my frame elements turned out and I rather like my alpa set.  This alpha is what I had been working on when I had my stoke last July.  It wws nice to be able to finish it!  I am planning to release custom shapes of this set in the future that will be for CU (Commercial Use);however, this set in this 'Organized Mess' kit freebie is NOT for CU, this one is PU, S4O,& S4H   ONLY.



ORGANIZED MESS Elements Preview:


          -the ALPHA ONLY, click here.
          -the ELEMENTS ONLY, click here
          -the PAPERS ONLY, click here
          -the ENTIRE KIT/COLLECTION, click here

January 20, 2014

Inspired by Dominic Designs - Digital Scrapbook Kits - KISSES and HUGS

In an earlier post I displayed a couple of scrapbook pages I created using digital scrapbook kits by Inspired by Dominic Designs, HUGS and KISSES.  Here is the link to that previous post: http://rosethorndesigns.blogspot.com/2014/01/scrapbook-page-design-showcasing-more.html

Today, I have more scrapbook pages to show you wherein I used those same kits (HUGS and KISSES).  I love the colors in these two kits and I think they are great accents to my older, vintage, photos.
For this first one that I call 'Before My Time', I used the KISSES kit.


And for this 2nd one I used the kit 'HUGS' this one was created also for the 2nd week's challenge of The Winter Get Together over at the DigiShopTalk Forums, it also makes use of a Template created by Karen Diamond Designs (yes, those are photos of me):

That's it for today.  I'm not back to designing products yet but hope to be very soon because I miss it!

January 15, 2014

Scrapbook Page Design Showcasing more ofthe Digital Scrapbook Design products of Inspired by Dominic Designs

I've created 2 new digitalscrapbook pages using digital scrapbook products by Inspired by Dominic Designs.

For this 1st one I used The Digital Scrapbook product called Kisses.  It;s a photo of my 1st born son one and one of my nieces;  they were both 2 years old and I just find this to be a sweet photo of my niece kissing my son  and I just absolutely adore the vintage-styled frames in this product.
Here is the product preview for the kit Kisses:
The Kisses kit can be purchased here:http://scrapbookbytes.com/store/digital-scrapbooking-supplies/ibdd_kisses_kit.html

 The 2nd digital scrapbook page I have to show you today is another featuring my mother and a couple of other family members, including a mini me, this one uses the digital scrapbook product called Hugs:
Here is the Hugs product preview:
The Hugs digital scrapbook product can be purchased here:  http://scrapbookbytes.com/store/digital-scrapbooking-supplies/ibdd_hugs_kit.html

I think the two products (both, Hugs and Kisses by Inspired by Dominic Designs, coordinate well with one another allowing one to create some pretty pages by mixing and matching elements and papers from both products.

I hope you've eboyed my post today, thanks for stopping by!

January 3, 2014

Scrapbook Page Design Showcasing the Digital Scrapbook Designs of Inspired by Dominic Designs

I decided to try my hand at scrapping pages again so I've reactivated, so to speak, my job as a Creative Team (CT) member for 'Inspired by Dominic Designs'.  I've discovered that I've forgotten how to do a number of things with Photoshop that I once knew well.  If I regain my skills to a comfortable level, then I may design digital scrapbook products again at some point; however, the one-handed disability thing could cause me to go completely bonkers first!  We shall see.  In the mean time, here is my 1st page layout since my CVA occurred (for more info. about my CVA,see my other blog).  I created this using the digital scrapbook product called CHANGES.  I's a collaborative effort by both 'Inspired by Dominic Designs' and 'Valerie Olstrom Designs.  If you're interested in purchasing this kit for yourself, it's available at Scrapbook Bytes.  Use this link to find it in the store:  http://scrapbookbytes.com/store/digital-scrapbooking-supplies/ibdd_vo_changes.html

THE CHANGES kit Preview
My 1st page layout using the CHANGES kit:
And here's my 2nd layout using this jit; this is a photo of my mother in 1943:
For more information about this layout, click here to view it in the ScrapBook-Bytes gallery.

October 31, 2013

Retired From Digital Scrapbook Designing

I am officially retiring from digital scrapbook design as I am now disabled from a stroke that I had this past July.  Although I have finally returned to my home after 4 months of rehabilitation, it's going to take much of my time and all of my energy (keeping me quite fatigued) to learn how to adapt to my new life as a hemiplegic.

My blog freebies will remain available for as long as possible.

Thank you to everyone who sent me good wishes and get well messages while I've been absent!  They were very much appreciated.

August 11, 2013

Sorry For My Absence

I know that I had previously indicated that I would have anew designer Resourcealpha set and a contribution to the August 1,2013 DigiScrapForum's BlogTrain but... Life doesn't always go as planned.  I've been hospitalized since July16,2013 and have very limited capabilities now an for awhile longer.

July 5, 2013

Personal Digital Scrapbook Pages

Tiffany of Inspired by Dominic Designs has a cute, super-hero styled kit recently released at her Scrapbook-Bytes store, and available for purchase in her store, called 'Super Kid' (learn more about it on her blog) and I found it worked well for me to finally scrap the few photos I had of my youngest son during his super hero imitating phase.

I had fun creating these and remembering how cute and fun he was at that young age (he's 20 now, still funny at times and good looking but, well, you mom's out there know what I mean, it's not the same as when they're so young and innocent).

This 1st scrapbook page, which I call 'Improvisation', is of my son in his spider man pajamas and a disguise of his own making.  The red contraption on his head came from the inside of a hard plastic, sports themed, helmet and the shiny glasses were probably a toy from a children's meal (from one of the well known hamburger, fast food, places) minus the lenses.  I used the Super Kid Bundle to create this page.

This 2nd scrapbook page, which I call 'I'm Not Scared', shows 2 photos of my youngest, dressed up as his favorite character at that age, Pajama Sam (from a computer game by Humongous Entertainment).  Everything in this layout was created with items that come in the base 'Super Kid' kit; however, I should note that I hand drew the 'Pajama Sam' lettering using the pen tool in Adobe's Photoshop CS5 - they were then decorated using papers from the base kit.

Well, that's it for today.

Coming up:  I'm working on another set of Vintage Letters so that will be coming up in the near future and I'll be using those letters to create an alpha set for the August Blog Train being hosted by DigiScrap Forum, so be sure to stop by again after the 1st of the month.