November 20, 2014

FREE Digital Scrapbook Kit by Rose Thorn - better late than never?

Back in Setember, I mentioned having missed submitting my contest entry to the second round of the 2014NDC (Next Designer Contest) at theStudio because I was unable to finish it by the required deadline.  Well, I promised to finish it and make it available to download for free, here on my blog.

Although I feel that it needs more, I lost the inspiration for it and decided to just call it done.

Here it is the kit preview  (named 'BEAUTY'):

And other views of the  elements and papers:

 It is only one .ZIP file (33.1MB) but you have a choice of sites from which to download it, please choose one of the following:




September 30, 2014

FREE Digital Scrapbook kit 'Lovely Together' - Round 3 of The Next Designer Contesr 2014 at Digital Scrapbooking Studio

Here's my entry for Round 3 of theStudio's Next Designer Contest.  I made it in time, as they say, "by the skin of my teeth" (stayed up until 4:45 AM to complete it).  I'm glad that I finally got one round finished in time but I'm  not really happy with my results here.  I like my individual items but not pleased with it all together.

I'll soon get to finishing what I started for found 2 and come share it here.  I originally started each round with the intention that they would each work well with each other.  I don't know if I'll achieve that goal, we'll just have to wait and see, I guess.  If you use my products in a digital scrapbook page that you've uploaded to an online gallery, I'd love to see it; will you please onnsider sharing with me, it's link/URL?

Please visit theStudio's gallery here to obtain the download link to this mini kit.

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Scrapping!

September 25, 2014

NO Freebie Today

Contrary to my post yesterday,I'm sorry to say, I do not have a freebie today; I never finished round 2 and since round 3 starts today, and I don't wish to miss another deadline, I'm going to spend my time working on  my entry for Round 3 of theStudio's Next Designer Contest.  I will finish Round 2 at some point in the future, just not today.  :-(

Thanks for stopping by; Happy Scrapping!

September 24, 2014

Free Digital Scrapbook Kit, 'Family'

 This kit was originally intended to have been a submission in Round 1 of the Next Designer Contest 2014 at theStudio................BUT, sadly(for me), I missed the Deadline.  But just because I messed-up, there's no reason that you all  should miss out on my freebie.

My Dropbox account has exceeded my bandwidth limitations for the month so  you get to choose to DOWNLOAD my Family kit freebie from EITHER MediaFire OR  NOTE: no reason to download both, they are the same; I just wanted to offer site options.

Sadly for me again, I also missed the deadline for Round 2, I misinterpreted the dates, so, I will finish the kit anyway and offer it here maybe later today or sometime tomorrow.

I'm so discouraged that I missed 2 of the 3 rounds!  We'll see if I can manage Round 3!  Either way, I'll offer it here too.

July 29, 2014

Free Mini Digital Scrapbook Kit

I've a new free mini digital scrapbook kit created for a new designer challenge at Pixel called 'Pass the Kit'.  This challenge had us working in 4 teams of 3-5 team members each all using the same color palette but with no assigned theme.

Here is the preview of my team's collection:

And here is the preview of my contribution to the kit:
DOWNLOAD my portion here from my Dropbox.

My team consisted of the following designers (please visit their blogs to download their portions):

Pauline Thompson ( beware of Pauline's meowing cat, it greatly startled me when I first heard it!
Susan Cantin  (
Rose Thorn   <--- you are here now
Joyce Finn  (

Go here for a list of and a peak at all designer contributions and their links to download; however, please note, at the time I write this, the list is not yet complete as the challenge deadline is not until July 31st:

Thanks for stopping by today!

July 18, 2014

GRUNGE and ROSES - Digital Scrapbook FREEBIE

tHE pIXEL sCRAPPER Forum held a BINGO-styled designer challenge this month (July, 2014), We could choose any row or column (even diagonally) we wished and create a kit using the prompts given within the boxes of the chosen row, here's the bingo prompts image:

I chose the center horizontal row and created this kit - a freebie for all - GRUNGE and ROSES (5 digital papers and 16 digital elements):
DOWNLOAD from Dropbox


July 1, 2014

JULY, 2014 Pixel Scrapper Blog Train - FREEBIE

Time for another Pixel Scrapper Blog Train.  No theme this month so there should be quite a large variety of styles for you to download.  Go here for the list and links to all contributors.

This is what I have for you:
Download Refashioned Things